Homemade chicken soup

Homemade chicken soup can be  prepared at special moments, for an introduction or for wedding dinner.

How to prepare “Homemade chicken soup”:
1. Cleaned and washed chicken, cook in cold water along with carrots, parsley, celery, pepper and sliced onions fried on the hot plate.
2.Add salt, and cook the soup over low heat until the meat is tender.
3.Remove the cooked chicken from the broth. If the soup is too greasy, it should be allowed to cool down from the surface, and remove excess fat.
4.In the strained soup putt homemade noodles or other supplement.

If desired, add chopped parsley before serving.

A better and more substantial soup gets from the older hens, but if the meat is so(do not use as intensifier) tough that even after simmering for 2-3 hours is tender, it should add a little cognac or brandy.

This can be frozen !
Freezing: Prepare soup according to the recipe by 3 steps. The strained soup cool and remove excess fat. Arrange in proper container with a lid or plastic bags and freeze.
Thawing: Containers or bags with soup plunge briefly into hot water, so the frozen soup can be separated from the walls. Then move it to the pan with a little water and heat over low heat until it is melted and putt the pasta.

Durability: 90 days.

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